Jokioinen Museum Railway is the only remaining continuously operated narrow gauge railway in Finland. It preserves the tradition of 1898 built Jokioinen Railway.

Scheduled museum trains pulled by a vintage steam locomotive run on the 14 km Humppila - Minkiö - Jokioinen railway on summer Sundays and single Saturdays in July and September.

The Narrow Gauge museum and cafe at Minkiö station are open every day from 11-18 from 3.6. to 12.8. 2012.


The museum railway is operated and maintained by members of the Museum Railway Association on voluntary basis.


A trip on narrow gauge

Would you like to go back in time and travel by a real steam train? Would you like to experience train travel aboard wooden coaches? On the Jokioinen Museum railway it is still possible!


A small narrow gauge steam locomotive is standing in the front of train of old wooden coaches. People are slowly boarding a train in a front of an old wooden station building. The station bell sounds three times.

There is a loud whistle of the locomotive, a journey begins. There is a smell of smoke in the air. The train is passing through beautiful countryside of Häme province.


Outside cows are staring the passing train. After the fields there is a short stretch of forest and then again open fields. There is a low whistle in the air. A brake man is turning the brake handle. The train is slowing down and finally stopping. An old lady boards the train at Raemäki halt.


The journey continues. The train is slowly picking up speed. The conductor is checking the tickets and announces: "Next Kirkkotie, and after that Jokioinen!"


This is what you can only experience at Jokioinen Museum railway! On these pages you can find all the necessary information about the Jokioinen Museum Railway, but to experience the real narrow gauge atmosphere you have to take the real steam train at Jokioinen Museum railway!