Here is a map of Jokioinen Museum Railway including important roads and the Turku - Tampere railway line. There are white and blue road side signs "Museum railway" instructing you to Humppila and Minkiö station from the highway number 2 and to Jokioinen station from the highway number 10.


You can also check the exact location of Minkiö station and driving directions with map below. The street adress of Minkiö station is Kiipuntie 49 (FIN-31630 Jokioinen).

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By car

If you are travelling by car you will find the signs "Museum Railway" on both Highways 2 and 10. The Jokioinen Museum Railway is easy to find by following those signs.

Parking at Stations

In Humppila you can left the car in state railway (VR) station. You can then use the pedestrian tunnel under VR tracks to get the Museum Railway station.

In Minkiö station the car park is located right beside the station. In special event days there is also an extra car park, located opposite the station across the railway.

In Jokioinen station the car park is located beside the station.

Please note, that parking in Museum Railway stations is at Your own risk.

By bicycle

From Forssa you can ride along the old railway embankment to Jokioinen and catch a museum train to Humppila. In Forssa you should ride towards the trotting track to find the beginning of the embankment. At the centrer of Jokioinen just follow "Museum Railway" signs to the museum railway. Jokioinen Station is on your left when you cross over railway tracks.

By train

It is very easy to get to Jokioinen Museum Railway by train. VR trains stop at Humppila Station, just opposite side of tracks to the Jokioinen Museum Railway station. When you are at the VR station the best way to get to Jokioinen Museum Railway is to use an underpass next to the VR station.

You can find more information about connecting trains either on the timetable of Jokioinen Museum Railway or on the timetables of VR. From Monday to Saturday you can also take a bus at Humppila Railway Station to a bus stop close to the Minkiö narrow gauge museum.

The bus timetables can be found on the pages of Matkahuolto.

By bus

Forssa, the Koivisto th. (the Koivisto crossroad) express buses stop in Humppila, the Latovainio express bus stop not so far from Minkiö, and Jokioinen has a frequent bus service. Bus times can be found on Matkahuolto bus timetables. Please ask the driver or hostess to inform you when to get off the bus.

The Koivisto th. express bus stop is about one kilometer (less than a mile) from Humppila Railway Station and Latovainio about three kilometers (two miles) from Minkiö Station. To get to Minkiö from Humppila you can either take a Jokioinen Museum Railway train running on summer Sundays, or a local Kivistö's bus running Monday to Saturday. From Forssa to Minkiö there is a bus connection every day except on Sundays.

How to get to Finland

It is quite easy to get to Finland - we are not so far from the heart of Europe. There are frequent ferry services by Viking Line and Tallink-Silja Line from Stockholm in Sweden to Turku and Helsinki in Finland. There are also ferries from Tallinn in Estonia to Helsinki. Finnlines operates from Travemünde and Rostock in Germany to Helsinki. And St. Peter Line has regular ferry connection from St. Petersburg to Helsinki.

It is also possible to take a train from Russia to Finland or one of the international flights to Helsinki. You can find more information on Finland on the official On-line Travel Guide to Finland.