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Opening of the new Humppila station

Opening of the new Humppila station
Sun, 9. June 2019, 09:45 - 16:25
Humppila museum railway station - Humppila
Events at Jokioinen Museum Railway
Opening of the new Humppila station


Opening of the new Humppila station

On the second Sunday of June the new Humppila station will be officially opened. The station building that was moved to its current location from the Northern Finland in December 2018 has been fully renovated in winter and spring 2019. Now it is time to celebrate and start using the much larger new station at Humppila station.

Come and see the newly renovated new station bulding. There will be a local brass band welcoming guests at the station. At the small traditional station market you can find cakes and souvenirs from Humppila. Also the station cafe will be open serving tea, cafe and cakes.

The program of the grand opening of Humppila station is as fllows:

The first train of the day will arrive from Minkiö to Humppila
The first train from Humppila to Minkiö and Jokioinen will depart
The extra train arrives at Humppila, the official program will start
Opening words of the Museum Railway Association (Track Foreman Jari Pollari)
Words of the National Board of Antiquities (Director General Juhani Kostet)
Words of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (Railway Director Markku Nummelin)
Words of Humppilan municipality (Chairman of the Municipal Government Kari Ahola)
The second train from Jokioinen and Minkiö will arrive at Humppila
The train to Jokioinen will depart
Ylimääräinen juna Minkiölle lähtee; Mahdollisuus matkustaa Minkiölle ja takaisin.
The second extra train to Minkiö will depart. There is apossibility travel to Minkiö and back.
The last train to Minkiö will depart. The train will not return to Humppila. The train will wait connecting passangers of VR trains if agreed beforehand.

Attn! If you arrive by a car, the Humppila station parking lot is situated next to Humppila VR station. Access to the Museum Railway station is through a underpass. Of course there is always a possibility to drive to Minkiö station, park your car over there and take a train to Humppila!

The steam train timetable of the day


    A3 A5 A7
HUMPPILA   10.25 13.10 16.00
Kermala   x10.29 x13.14 x16.04
Palomäki   x10.34 x13.19 x16.09
Santavaihde   x10.36 x13.21 x16.11
Vuorela   x10.41 x13.26 x16.16
MINKIÖ ←   10.49 13.34 16.24
MINKIÖ →   11.15 14.10  
Salminen   x11.20 x14.15  
Raemäki   x11.24 x14.19  
Kirkkotie   x11.30 x14.25  
JOKIOINEN   11.34 14.29  


  A2 A4 A6  
JOKIOINEN ... 11.50 14.40  
Kirkkotie ... x11.53 x14.43  
Raemäki ... x11.58 x14.48  
Salminen ... x12.02 x14.52  
MINKIÖ ← ... 12.08 14.58  
MINKIÖ → 9.45 12.25 15.20  
Vuorela x9.51 x12.31 x15.26  
Santavaihde x9.56 x12.36 x15.31  
Palomäki x9.58 x12.38 x15.33  
Kermala x10.05 x12.45 x15.40  
HUMPPILA 10.11 12.51 15.46  
  • X) juna pysähtyy tarvittaessa seisakkeilla. Näytä veturille pusähtymismerkki kädelläsi noustessasi junaan ja ilmoitta junan konduktöörille, mikäli haluat jäädä junasta jollain seisaakkeella.
  • Lähdöt Humppilasta: klo 10.25 (paluu klo 12.51), klo 13.10 (paluu klo 15.46) ja klo 16.00 (Saapuu Minkiölle klo 16.24, ei palaa Humppilaan).
  • Lähdöt Minkiöltä Humppilaan: klo 9.45 (paluu klo 10.49), klo 12.25 (paluu klo 13.34) ja klo 15.20 (paluu klo 16.24).
  • Lähdöt Minkiöltä Jokioisiin: klo 11.15 (paluu klo 12.08) ja klo 14.10 (paluu klo 14.58).
  • Lähdöt Jokioisilta: klo 11.50 (paluu klo 14.29) ja klo 14.40 (sapuu Minkiölle klo 14.58 ja Humppilaan klo 15.46, ei palaa Jokioisille).

If your screen is two narrow you can scroll the timetable to see all the trains!

For connecting VR train timetables please click here!


Humppila museum railway station
Paanarinteentie 14
Humppila museum railway station