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Start of summer 2020 operations season delayed

Start of summer 2020 operations season delayed
Wed, 1. July 2020
Jokioisten Museorautatie - Jokioinen, Humppila
Events at Jokioinen Museum Railway
Start of summer  2020 operations season delayed


The start of the 2020 operating season will be delayed

The Museum Railroad Spring Charter Train season has been canceled due to the prevailing corona (Covid-19) situation! In addition, the start date of the summer operation season is currently unclear and the events or timetables for the summer cannot be confirmed at this stage.

The staff of the Museum Railroad Association closely follows the development of the situation and the instructions of the authorities, and we will inform you separately about the start of the museum train service later.

This situation has come as a surprise to all of us and its economic impact is also significant. Canceled charter trains and missed ticket revenues will radically affect the Museum Railway Association's economy.

The traditional summer events (Minkiö Mobile Day, Minkiö Harvester Market and the Minkiö Steam Festival) have also been canceled at this stage. We still hope to be able to arrange a traditional Star Light Train on the first Saturday in September and the Santa Claus Train on the first Saturday in December. We will announce the start of operating season and timetables on these pages.


Jokioisten Museorautatie
Jokioinen, Humppila
Jokioisten Museorautatie


Jokioisten Museorautatien Humppilan, Minkiön ja Jokioisten asemat sekä radan seisakkeet: Kermala, Palomäki, Vuorela, Salminen, Raemäki ja Kirkkotie.