Bellow is a short list of the most common destinations served by VR trains connecting with Jokioinen Museum Railway trains. Connections on summer Sundays if not stated otherwise. Timetables can change withou prior notice. Please always check the VR web page for current time tables at: The Jokioinen Museum Railway Humppila station opens about 10.20.

Connections by VR trains to Jokioinen Museum Railway

Departure station (southern route) Sundays
Turku 09.05
Loimaa 09.44
Humppila (Arrives) 09.56
Humppila Museo (Steam train) 11.05
Departure station (Northern route) Sundays
Helsinki 07.06
Lahti -
Hämeenlinna 08.11
Tampere 09.11
Pori 07.15
Jyväskylä 07.20
Humppila (Arrives) 09.59
Humppila Museo (Steam train) 11.05

Return connections by VR train departing Jokioinen Museum Railway

Destination station (Southern route) Sundays
Humppila Museo (Steam train arrives) 15.51
Humppila (VR train departs) 16.00
Loimaa 16.12
Turku 16.55
Destination station (Northern route) Sundays Sundays
Humppila Museo (Steam train arrives) 13.16 15.51
Humppila (VR train departs) 13.59 15.59
Hämeenlinna 14.57 16.57
Lahti 17.06 19.06
Helsinki 16.33 18.33
Tampere 14.47 16.47
Pori 17.47 19.47
Jyväskylä 16.40 18.35