An affordable way for a small group to travel on a charter train is a charter train pulled by a diesel locomotive. Diesel locomotive-powered charter trains are possible during the snow-free season, as the track is usually not plowed in winter. For the trip, you can choose from the options below, either a full train, a dining car trip or, in summer, a barbecue train.

A green dining car pulled by a green diesel locomotive under a purple evening sky .

Diesel locomotive charter trains for larger groups

Charter train price list for diesel trains from 1.1.2023

The prices of diesel-powered charter trains are affected by the distance traveled by the train and the day of the week when the train is running. The cheapest days are Saturday and Sunday.

The table below shows the prices of charter trains. The price has always the starting price and if necessary the hourly price on top of it. For example, the return trip Minkiö-Jokioinen takes an hour and costs the group € 1200 Monday to Friday. Each additional hour costs 200 €, ie for example a Minkiö-Jokioinen-Humppila-Minkiö trip costs 1400 euros. At the weekend, the corresponding prices are € 1000 for a return trip Minkiö-Jokioinen and € 1200 for a return trip for the entire track. Even during the week, the starting price can be at the weekend level, if there are other charter trains running on the same day, so please ask for a quote!

  Monday to Friday Saturday to Sunday
Charter train starting price (includes one hour of train travel) 1200 € 1000 €
Price of every starting hour after the first hour 200 € / hour 200 € / hour

Diesel charter trains for small groups

Charter train with a Soviet dining car

Diesel locomotive charter train for a small group (max. 16 people) with a Soviet dining car. The price for the train is 400 € (excluding catering). If you wish, you can order coffee or lunch for your dining car trip.


In June, July and August, a diesel locomotive-operated barbecue train for a small group (max. 16 people) in an open barbecue carriage. The price for the barbecue train is 400 €. The price includes a meat pie, a grilled sausage, potato and cucumber salad and lemonade or mineral water as a food and drink. Dessert and coffee / tea are enjoyed on the way back on the Soviet dining car.

Ask for more information and request a quote!

For more information on Jokioinen Museum Railway's charter traffic please contact the Charter train sales or the Chief of Operations Jussi Tepponen. You can also ask for more information e.g. additional services tailored for groups such as Meals. .