Charter carriages can also be attached to scheduled trains. Scheduled trains run on Sundays in June and July and on Saturdays in August and also the second Saturday of September and the first Saturday of December.

Chartering a own carriage is always an experience! Photo: Jussi Tepponen.

You can check the timetables on our timetable page. On the scheduled trains the group leaders can travel for free when prebooking. Groups can also reserve their own carriage on the scheduled trains. On request the carriage will be at the end of train.

The price of the charter carriage is € 95.

Also a carriage compartment can be booked for a group of maximum of 10 persons.

The reservation price of the compartment is € 50.

In addition to above reservation fees all the passanger have to have a valid train ticket (You can find the ticket prices here).

Group leaders travel for free for groups of 10 or more people when reserving tickets in advance.

Additional serivces

If you want you can have a free guide for your group. You can also buy extra services like coffee or lunch or rent a rooom for meeting or other activities

Ask for more information

For more information please contact chief of operations Mr  Jussi Tepponen.