Museum railway's newest and most powerful locomotive is TU4-type diesel locomotive number 2091. This locomotive is made in the Kambarsk locomotive factory in 1970. The factory is located in Udmurt Republic of former Soviet Union. TU4-type (Russian entry ТУ4) narrow-gauge locomotives were produced several hundred units between years 1962-1974. Number 2091 has been used, inter alia, in Lithuania. Last it was used in Tituvenai turf track in Middle-Lithuania. Locomotive was withdrawn from service in 2000, and stood after it several years outdoors.

Museum Railway Association purchased the locomotive in the summer of 2009. The locomotive had reached rather poor condition caused heavy use and storage outdoors. TU4 was transported to Estonia in June by truck roller. Extensive repairs were made in the Baltic Marine Group AS workshop in Türi. Former Soviet military tank engine was replaced by a new engine manufactured by Scania. The new one was a Swedish bus engine built in 1990.

For locomotive had to also do a lot of different metal and electrical work and other repairs. Finally, the locomotive was painted in appropriate colors.

The repair work was partially financed by Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications.

TU4 arrived in Jokioinen Museum Railway in Friday 30 October 2009. Locomotive was transported by ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki and then by truck transport to Minkiö depot. Locomotive was unloaded from truck roller to rails by two heavy cranes. The first test runs were driven almost immediately at the same day.

In Museum Railway the locomotive is used primarily for maintenance purposes and wagons shifting in marshaling yards, but also in a museum trains. Locomotive is equipped with turbocharged engine generating 260 horsepower and a top speed of around 50 kilometers per hour, so it is well suited to heavy freight trains and faster passenger trains.


Watch video and images of TU4 locomotive renovating and testing in news page.

Technical data

Former place of use: Tituvenai turf railway, Lithuania

Manufacturer: Kambarsk locomotive factory, Udmurtia, Soviet Union

Serial number and year: 2091/1970

Weight in working condition: 18 tons

Speed: 50 km / h

Axle order: B'B' (Four driving axles in boggies, diesel-hydraulic transmission)

Engine: Scania DSC11 13B, power 260 hp, engine capacity of 11 liters

Fuel: Light diesel fuel

Brake System: Air brake