Orion JR5 steam locomotive

The newest steam locomotive of Jokioinen Museum Railway is a Belgian tank engine built in 1948. Originally the locomotive is used in Jokioinen Railway and it is technically indentical with Jokioinen Railway number 4 "Tubize". In Jokioinen railway it was known as number 5.

The locomotive is named Orion by its former user, Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway in Wales, Great Britain. The locomotive is built by S.A. Les Ateliers Metallurgiques Nivelles Division de Tubize in Nivelles, Belgium.

JR 5 served in traffic from 1948 to 1964, when it's boiler corrupted and it was stored in Jokioinen in temporary shed made around it. In 1972 a British person bought locomotive and it was transported to Great Britain. Later Tubize was renoved back in running condition in Welshpool & Llanfair Light Raiway museum railway. Orion served in WLLR museum traffic a couple of years, but rapidly emerged that Tubize was too big and heavy for such light-constructed railway.

When Jokioinen Museum Railway asked to buy JR5 back its original home railway, the WLLR suddenly agreed. The final contract was made in autumn 2006 and locomotive was transported back to Finland. Orion moved first time in Jokioinen Museum Railway in October 15th 2006 (see video below).

Despite Orion is located in Museum Railway, its owner is a Finnish private person.

Technical information

36 000 kg
Total length:
8,9 m
Total width:
2,5 m
Total height:
3,3 m
Working pressure:
13 kg/cm2
2-6-2T (3 driving wheel sets, 2 traversing wheel sets)
electric, 24 V DC, electricity produced with a steam turbine generator.

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