Santavaihde halt.

Santavaihde (sand sapur)is the newest halt on the Jokioinen Museum Railway. It is on a location of an old sand spur that was leading to a sand pit about one kilometre from the main line. The turnout has been rebuilt in autumn 2017 but the spur has been lifted when the track to Humppila was dismantled in 1975 and it has never been rebuilt.

In autumn 2015 a lean to shelter was built together with a camp fire place and in spring 2016 a platform and halt sign was constructed. All the scheduled trains of Jokioinen Museum railway stop at the halt at request. You can also get to the halt by renting a hand car at Minkiö station!

Santavaihde leanto shelter.

There is a open fire place which can be used when there is no forest fire warning. You can find the shelter by following path starting from the halt platform.