Minkiö station is the most important station of Jokioinen Museum Railway. It is located 8 kilometres from Humppila station in the village of Kiipu in Jokioinen. The workshops, most of the storage rooms and the accommodation and staff rooms of the Jokioinen Museum Railway are located in Minkiö. In Minkiö there is also the narrow gauge museum with a collection of locomotives and carriages from most of the narrow-gauge railways in Finland. You can always ask for a guided tour to the locomotive sheds at Minkiö station. At Minkiö station you can sense the genuine narrow-gauge environment of the 19th century!

Also at Minkiö station there are also the café buffet and souvenir shop of Jokioinen Museum Railway. They are located in the station's old yellow goods shed. Here you can buy coffee, buns, sandwiches, ice cream, etc. In the souvenir shop you can buy postcards, railway related books and magazines and souvenirs like mugs, hats, posters and T-shirts. Remember that all the postcards you drop in the mail box at the station or in the post carriage are cancelled with the special cancellation.

Accommodation nearby Minkiö station