Palomäki halt is located about 3.5 kilometres from Humppila towards Minkiö. At Palomäki Halt the road going to Rautavuori (The Iron Hill) crosses the tracks. In Rautavuori there was previously an old iron ore mine, as the name of the place states.

In 1946 the local village people built a shelter at Palomäki Halt. It was used until 1951 when the line and halt were closed and passenger traffic was transferred to buses.

About a kilometre from Palomäki Halt towards Minkiö there is on the right-hand side of the track the remains of an old water tower, and on the left the embankment of an former sand spur. The sand spur led down to a sand pit. All the gravel and sand used in construction and maintenance of Jokioinen railway came from thist. Today there is a graveyard by the old sand pit.

The water tower was the only original water tower of Jokioinen railway. Water to the tower ran under its own pressure from a hill nearby. You can still see the location of the water tower from the remains of the chimney which was used to heat the water in winter to avoid freezing, and of the land embankment which made up the foundations of the water tower and firewood shelter.