Santa would like personally thank everybody who rode this year's Santa Claus Train at Jokioinen Museum Railway. There were really many people riding the train and we hope that everybody was able to meet and talk with Santa. We also made the all time passenger record of a single train. There were more than 330 passengers onboard the midday nine carriage train. Total number of passengers carried during the day was as high as 1697!

Even the heavy rain in afternoon did not spoil the day and onboard the last train some of Santa's elves started wildly dancing. Santa himself wants to wish Happy Christmas for everybody who rode his train and he promised to visit all of you at Christmas!

Finally we like to remain everybody that our charter traffic starts in spring 2016 as soon as weather permits. The scheduled Sunday traffic starts on Sunday 5.6. 2016 with the Minkiö Veteran Car Day!