Spring has again arrived and snow melted so the annual track work can begin on the 15 km main line of Jokioinen Museum railway. Because of the track work all the people are advised to be very careful when crossing tracks on level crossings. Work trains are running almost every day, so remember to stop, look and listen before crossing!

One of the largest jobs for this spring was the renovation of Saustila stone culvert located just north of Minkiö station.

Saustila stone culvert is the largest of all stone culverts at Jokioinen Museum Railway. Built in 1897-98 this dual culvert is six meters high. It is difficult to estimate the height of the culvert when looking at the level of the tracks, but if you go down by the creek running under the tracks you can see how high and steep the embankment is.

On Friday 15.4. the embankment of the culvert was dug with an excavator and new protecting layer of clay and crushed rock was installed on top of the stone decking. The old clay layer had been eaten by high water when a damn was constructed down stream without authorization of the railway. The dam was removed several years ago, but the culvert could be repaired only this spring.

After this there is still a lot of work to lift and tamp the track crossing the culvert. The track will be fully ready by Thursday 28.4. when the first charter train of year 2016 will run.