The traditional and infamous star light train will be running again on Saturday the 10th of September. Steam trains are running from early morning until late night. The stoves of carraiges will be lit as well as lights and oil lamps when the evengin turns to night. The summer season of Jokioinen Museum Railway will end with a traditional fire works show at Minkiö station about 9:15 PM, after which the last steam trains will depart to take people back to Humppila and Jokioinen. After this the trains return to Minkiö and summer is officially over.

Return tickets cost 14 € for adults and 7 € for 6-16 years old. Under 6 years old travel for free. Earlier on the same day you can take day train from Childrens' Agricultural Show Mansikki to Minkiö station just for 10 € for adults and 5 € for 6-16 years old.

The station cafe at Minkiö will be open all the day serving coffee, tee, sandwiches and buns, ice cream, sweets and of course souvenirs.

You can find the steam train timetable at our Event Calendar.

On the same day from 10.00 to 17.00 there will be Childrens' Agricultural Show at Elonkierto Agricultural Park in Jokioinen. There will be free bus running from Jokioinen station to the agricultural show. The bus will depart after each train arriving from Minkiö to Jokioinen between 10.55 and 17.00. Return busses to the trains at Jokioinen station from the agricultural show will depart the main gate of show every hour at 10.45, 11.45, 12.45, 13.45, 14.45, 15.45 ja 16.45.

You can download the full buss timetable over here:

Jokioinen station - Elonkierto (Mansikki) bus timetable

For more information on Childrens' Agricultural Show Mansikki, please visit:

The Mansikki Facebook pages.

The star light train of Jokioinen Museum Railway and Mansikki Agricultural Show are for the first time part of the European Heritage Days, which is a Europe wide cultural event celebrated in 50 countries and with 20 million participants. Come with us and celebrate the European Heritage! For more information on European Heriatge Days please visit their web site at:

Euroopan Heritage Days

After the star light train the locomotives and carriages of Jokioinen Museum Railway start their long winter sleep, but not quite as just before Christmas on 3rd of December the tain wakes up for the Santa Calus Train!