The first charter train of this spring was running in sunny weather on Tuesday May 16 2017. The train was carrying a group of enthusiastic kindergarten children spotting all kind of animals alongside of the track. They did se at least hares, a deer, seagulls and a cat, but nobody saw a pheasant. Children were also admiring a cloud coming out of the steam locomotive and following the train just outside carriage windows all the voyage!

Sideview of a small steam locomotive approaching a bridge against depp bluse sky.
The first charter train of spring 2017 was pulled by the H.K. Porter steam locomotive of Jokioinen Museum Railway from year 1901. Photo: Jussi Tepponen 16.5. 2017.

The train was hauled by the oldest operating steam locomotive of Jokioinen Museum Railway -the ex Äänekoski-Suolahti Railway H.K. Porter locomotive from year 1901. The locomotive is a saturated steam locomotive missing the super heaters which heat up and dry the steam. Because of this the locomotive will make really nice white clouds of steam in right kind of weather.

You can charter a private train at Jokoinen Museum Railway until beginning of December. The scheduled trains for public will be running on summer Sundays and special event days starting from June.