The Christmas Card 2017

Jokioinen Museum Railway and Museum Railway Association wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 to all our friends!

The artist of Christmas card is PTJ Koskinen, a steam locomotive engineer of Jokioinen Museum Railway. On the card Santa Claus is running his train pulled by the HKR5 steam locomotive "Sohvi". The locomotive will turn 100 years just after Christmas.

This autumn a long gone switch for the old Sand Spur was reinstalled in between Minkiö and Humppila stations and Santa seems to be unaware of that. He has managed to take his train to the Sand Spur instead of going straight to Humppila. Peter, his reindeer is playing very stubborn and blocking the mainline and elves have decided that it is time to have a break at the Sand Spur camp fire place.

Let's hope Santa gets the situation solved and is able to deliver all the presents as expected..

You can also visit our image gallery to view Museum Railway Christmas greetings of past years. All of them are drawn by PTJ Koskinen.