The first charter trains of thi spring ran in summer heat. On Tuesday 15.5. there were several charter trains running between Minkiö and Jokioinen for pre school and daycare groups. Because of very hot and dry conditions some precaution had to be taken to avoid grass fires.

A small steam locomotive is pulling a train towards photographer through green countryside.
The first charter train of the year was hauled by the H.K. Porter steam locomotive. Photo: J.T. 15.5. 2018.

Children were really happy to see real old steam locomotive and to travel onboard rocking old train. For the most probably the best part of the day was a visit to real locmotive cab. Even a very hot summer weather with temperatures reaching 30 C did not slow down the small ones.

Scheduled steam trains of Jokioinen Museum Railway will start running on Sunday 3.6. The café, hand trolly rental and the Narrow Gauge Museum have already opened on 14.5. They are all open during week from 11 am to 6 pm. You can also rent hand trollies in weekends if reserving in advance.