Last week a new station building for Humppila station was transported from Riippa in Norhern Finland. It is a type of building that was very common hundred years ago at smaller railway stations in Finland. Moving of the building took four full days.

The station building was loaded in Riippa on Tuesday 11.12. and after that it travelled more than 12 hours arriving at Humppila early on Wednesday morning at 3.05 AM.

Wooden station building standing on a station platform.
The new Humppila station building. Photo: Jyrki Längman 13.12.2018.

The next day the original foundation stones transported to location were installed and the station lifted off the transportation flat. On Thursday the building was lifted on top of its foundation and the final adjustments were made on Friday.

The station building will be fully renovated during winter and spring 2019. The building will have a large waiting room and cafe space and station master's office.

For more photos and facts of the new Humppila station, please visit the "Projects" page of the Museum Railway Association" -sivulla.