The new Humppila station will be opened on coming Sunday the 9.6. 2019. At the same time it will be almost exactly 25 years since the first museum trains rolled in Humppila after the newly rebuilt Minkiö-Humppila line was opened for traffic on 5.6.1994.

Yellow wooden station building sitting next to narrow gaueg tracks.
The new Humppila station was painted yellow as the building has been originally painted. Photo: Marko Laine 3.6.2019.

On the 11 of December 2018 the station building was transported by a truck to Humppila from Riippa in Northern Finland. After that started a very laborious project to renovate the station. The first work was to remove all structures built in the building in the 1980s when it was used as a datacenter for train control.

After all dismantling work the building itself had to be lowered on its final position and some structural reparation had to be done to remove some rotten and water damage material. Only after that the renovation work in the station could be started.

The renovation work included for example: painting and reparation of all window frames and doors, repairing and painting the ceiling and the floor, new half wall wainscot paneles, new wall paper, new trims, new felt roof and new outside painting of the station house and much more than can be listed over here.

Now the work is starting to get ready and it is the time to take the station in use and celebrate the grand opening on the Sunday 9.6. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done before one can say the station is completely ready.