The Museum Railway Association maintains and runs the Jokioinen Museum Railway based on voulntary work, grants and donations.

The engineer and driver are having a breal in a shaddow.
The engineer and driver are having a breal in a shaddow. Hopefully they can run the steam trains soon! Photo: Teemu Virtanen.

At the moment money is needed for starting the steam train operations in July. The locomotives need an inspection and some work before our summer season. Money is also needed for the ongoing track work as the matching sum of 10 000 euros need to collected before we can get the grant.

Museum Railway Association hopes to cover at least part of these expenses by donations.

Museum Railway Association got an offical police permit to collect money for important but expensive projects.

The expensise to run the Jokioinen Museum Railway have increased every year. Even a small donation will help us. You can give just 5 or 10 euros. In addition to private people also comppanies and associations gan donate money to us.

Our aim is to collect 15 000 euros, and you can follow how far we are of this first goal on the home page of Jokioinen Museum Railway!

Donations can be paid directly to the accout of Museum Railway Association:

  • Museorautatieyhdistys ry.
  • IBAN: FI63 5080 0620 0613 68
  • The money collection permit holder: Museorautatieyhdistys ry.
  • The reason to collect money: The donated money will be used for the track, locomotive, carriage and building maintenance of Jokioinen Museum railway and to preserve Finnish narrow gauge heritage within a lvining museum.
  • Permit number: RA/2020/523
Museum Railway Association is thanking of your help!