Now you have a chance to support Jokioinen Museum railway

The Museum Railway Association maintains and runs the Jokioinen Museum Railway based on voulntary work, grants and donations.

At the moment money is needed for retubing the boiler of JR 5 steam locomotive. That locomotive is in operational condition and it already has fully new superheater elements. Without renewing the boiler tubing the locomotive cannot be used. The estimated cost of new sets of boiler tubes is about 15 000 euros.

The TU4 diesel locomotive which is very important for the work trains on Jokioinen Museum Railway needs urgently a comple overhaul of its trucks. At the moment the locomotive is out of order because of failed bearings. The estimated cost of the full repair of the trucks is about 25 000 euros.

Total these urgent repair work on locomotives will take about 40 000 euros. Museum Railway Association hopes to cover at least part of these expenses by donations.

JR 5 Oroion steam locomotive moving fast at Minkiö.
JR 5 Orion running at Minkiö. The boiler of JR 5 requires retubing. Your donation can help that project. Photo: Marko Laine.

Museum Railway Association got an offical police permit to collect money for important but expensive projects.

The expensise to run the Jokioinen Museum Railway have increased every year. Even a small donation will help us. You can give just 5 or 10 euros. In addition to private people also comppanies and associations gan donate money to us.

Our aim is to collect 15 000 euros, and you can follow how far we are of this first goal on the home page of Jokioinen Museum Railway!

Donations can be paid directly to the accout of Museum Railway Association:

  • Museorautatieyhdistys ry.
  • IBAN: FI63 5080 0620 0613 68
Some legal stuff:
  • Rahankeräysluvan saaja: Museorautatieyhdistys ry.
  • Rahankeräysluvan myöntäjä: Hämeen poliisilaitos
  • Luvan numero ja myöntämisajankohta: RA/2019/225 8.3.2019
  • Keräyksen toimeenpanoaika: 1.4.2019-31.3.2020
  • Keräyksen toimeenpanoalue: Jokioinen, Humppila ja Forssa sekä internet.
  • Varojen käyttötarkoitus: Lahjoituksena saadut varat käytetään museorautatien radan, vetureiden, vaunujen ja rakennusten kunnossapitoon vuosien 2019-2020 aikana.
  • Keräyksen toimeenpanija: Museorautatieyhdistys ry. (0402983-9)
Museum Railway Association is thanking of your help!