Christmas Card 2019

Like before, our Christmas card has been drawn by one of our steam locomotive drivers Mr PTJ Koskinen. In addition to celebrating Christmas and the New Year, the card celebrates Humppila's new station building, which was still a year ago in Riipa in Ostrobothnia. Now in Christmas 2019 the station building has been renovated and a "Humppila" station sign. is on the wall. An old "Riippa" station sign can also be found in the picture!

Santa is sending a sled pulled by Peter and operated by one of his elves from Humppila towards Minkiö, Jokioinen and all the nice kids. The elves are having trouble getting Petter's going, though. Humppila's yard is on a hill and there is a steep climb to test Peter's traction!

Santa has Christmas presents in the sleigh and looks like there are new water tanks for Sohvi, the HKR 5 steam locomotive, and for Tubize, the steam locomotive JR 4, and new traction boogies for TU4 diesel locomotive. Let's earnestly hope that Santa brings those gifts to Minkiö, or at least funding to buy and install them in 2020!

You can admire older Christmas greetings at Museum Railroad Association photo gallery, which includes Museum Railways Christmas greetings from different years drawn by PTJ Koskinen.

Jokioinen Museum Railway and Museum Railway Association wish all Museum Railway fans a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020!