In the autumn, the Museum Railway Association, which runs the Jokioinen Museum Railway, started a fundraising campaign to collect money to renovate and keep the steam locomotive LWR 6, Helga, in running condition. Built in 1909, Helga is the oldest Finnish-made locomotive in running condition.

A steam locomotive stands alone at the station. In the background, a museum train with passengers.
LWR 6 steam locomotive at Minkiö station. Photo: Jussi Tepponen.

The fundraising campaign was prominently reported by the news paper Forssan Lehti and radio YLE Häme. The news about the campaign also reached MP Timo Heinonen from Kantahäme, who decided to go help in obtaining funding. As a result of long-term work, the State Finance Committee is today 12.12. granted a grant of 50,000 euros for Helga's renovation.

The Museum Railway Association is really grateful for the assistance it received! The grant makes it possible to order the necessary materials and parts to be made, so that the renovation of the steam boiler and the entire locomotive can be started at a suitable time.

A steam train gusts up a hill in a wooded landscape.
The museum train pulled by an LWR 6 steam locomotive goes up the Huhti hill at the former Huhtaa standstill. Photo: Seppo Heikkilä.

Because it is an expensive renovation and renewal work, the Museum Railway Association will continue fundraising until next spring. The grant received now makes it possible to start the project and make the necessary purchases.

It is a pleasure to note that the association's long-term work as a preserver of Finnish cultural heritage and industrial history is appreciated. The museum railway volunteers who do unpaid work as well as various grants enable the preservation of this unique railway as a living museum.