Today it will be 50 years since the last freight train of the Jokioinen railway ran from Forssa to Humppila and back. The last train arrived at Forssa station on March 29, 1974, pulled by steam locomotive number 4 Tubize. The text "Ohi on" (It's all over) was written on the side of the locomotive. After the traffic day, Tubize was driven inside the Forssa locomotive depot for the last time, and the story of the Jokioinen railway ended. In April, the dismantling of the track and scrapping of the rolling stock began.

A steam locomotive pulls up the hill towards the photographer in a snowy landscape.
The last freight train of the Jokioinen railway on its way to Humppila in Huhdinmäki hill on March 29, 1974. Photo: Reino Kalliomäki.

A few days earlier, the Museum Railway Association had moved its locomotives and carriages to Minkiö station, which over time developed into the center of museum railway operations.

The Museum Railway Association is asking local residents for help in collecting the history of the Jokioinen railway: if you have old photos of the Jokioinen railway (including those with the railway in the background) or personal memories related to the Jokioinen railway, you can send them to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.