The Jokioinen-Humppila railway tourism development project has been taken as part of the Southern Finland Objective 2 program. There were also three other projects taken by Tavastia co-operation council as part of Objective 2: Vigsberg suburb project in Forssa, MTT (Finnish Agriresearch) project to productize cow embryos and the Tavastia entrepreneurship project by Tavastia centre of labour and economy.

Within the railway tourism development project Jokioinen is seeking for 850 000 Finnish marks of EU funding to develop the Jokioinen Museum Railway. The total budget of the development project is 1.7 million Finnish marks. The project has been classified as an important local project having also importance in preserving the national cultural heritage.

The most important aim of the project is to create possibilities for around the year work at the railway by constructing a machine shop at Minkiö. This will in future enable the railway to hire permanent employees.