Jokioinen Museum Railway will commemorate the 90th birthday of Hyvinkää-Karkkila railway locomotive number 5 by publishing on Sunday 17.6. a picture postal stamp of the locomotive. Stamps will be for sale at Minkiö station cafe

The picture in stamp is drawn by a long term volunteer and a steam locomotive engineer of Jokioinen Museum Railway PTJ Koskinen.

The locomotive on the stamp, the number 5, was built by Tampella locomotive works in Tampere Finland and it was the first locomotive completed in newly independent Republic of Finland in the end of December 1917.

The locomotive served its working life at 45 km long Hyvinkää-Karkkila railway in years 1918-1967. After the railway closed down the locomotive was donated in 1969 to predecessor of the Museum Railway Association. The locomotive was repaired by volunteers in Forssa and it started the heritage train operations in Finland in 1971 by pulling the first preserved train in the country. In 1979 the locomotive was taken to VR shops in Hyvinkää for complete two year overhaul.