The Jokioinen Museum railway event calendar and timetables for summer 2015 have been published! The events include the Day of Veteran Cars at the Minkiö station on Sunday 7th of June. There are many other events in June like the Humppila Old Station day on Sunday the 14th of June when also a special train is running from Humppila to Keramala halt and back.

The Mid Summer week sees the traditional night train of the white nights running from Jokioinen, Minkiö and Humppila to Kermala Halt from where there is transportation to Enttu dance pavilion Mid Summer Festival. Later on night there is a return train from the festival. Trains will also run on normal schedule on the Mid Summer Sunday.

One of the big events of this summer is the Minkiö Farmers Market when there are two trains running and the biggest market of the summer at the Minkiö station.

The last weekend of July is time for a grand celebration! The Minkiö Steam festival turn ten years and there will be steam, steam and more steam with lot of festivities for people of all ages!

In mid August on Sunday 16.8. the Jokioinen museum railway will celebrate the Restaurant Day and you will have a possibility to taste the savor of Russian cuisine on board a real Soviet era restaurant car. And maybe there are other pop-up restaurant around too...

The summer will finish with a day of traditional mixed train running without hurry through the countryside, sometimes late of the schedule but who cares. Traveling is more important than arriving!

In autumn there are trains running on two Saturdays. On Saturday 5.9. there are trains together with the Childrens' Agricultural Fair "Mansikki" and the summer operating season will close with the Star Light Train and fireworks on Saturday 12.9.

However the operating season does not fully end here. Last year Santa promised to return with the Santa Claus Train and yes, he is back on Saturday 5.12. with the steam train and small market at Minkiö station.

You can find all the vents at our Event Calendar!

In addition to trains you can also rent handcars on days when there are no trains running. For more information please visit our Handcar page.

Groups can also charter their own steam or diesel train, reserve guided tours of the Narrow Gauge Museum or coffee at Minkiö station cof'é. For more information please visit the Services for the groups -pages.