Jokioinen Museum Railway Webshop (mKauppa) sells Finnish and foreign railway related literature, and sells the Jokioinen Museum Railway -related souvenirs. Of the products listed You can also order directly through the internet by filling out the attached order form.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer shop in full English version. You can browse the Finnish-language shop by clicking on the link mKauppa below. You can also try Google's translation offered online, but then Museum Railway Association is not responsible for any errors or misunderstandings.

Ask for more info

You can ask in English for more information and place orders by contacting the souvenir seller Lauri Niemi. You will get your goods usually within 1-3 weeks to order. At the moment we deliver the goods, mainly in Finland but also abroad, subject to certain conditions to provide.

Member Discount

Museum Railway Association members receive approximately 15 % discount prices. Remember to inform the membership when ordering, we will automatically check the register of the relevant member of the order of submission.

To mKauppa (in Finnish)

To mKauppa (Google's English translation)