The thirteenth of December and the second Advent Sunday. We will not yet leave Forssa station, but instead a peek in the storage area next to it. There were many warehouses of various shops over there. There you will also find a new and shiny fuel storage. Next to it stands the only tank wagon of the Jokioinen railway. The tank wagon had been originally at the Loviisa-Vesijärvi railway and was owned by Nobel Standard, a large oil company of its time.

There is a large sign on the wall of the fuel storage that reads "No Smoking". at the corner of the warehouse, a little boy is looking at a man who has climbed up onto the tank wagon and is opening the wagon hatch. There is still rough newly leveled ground in front of the warehouse, just as if the construction work had just been completed before the light frosty snow hit the ground. The tank wagon was in use on the Jokioinen railway in 1922-1948, after which a box car JR71 was built on the chassis of the tank wagon. This box car still exists on the Jokioinen Museum Railway.

On the left side of the picture, a corrugated sheet metal warehouse on a high concrete foundations, at the corner of which a boy looks at a tank car behind the warehouse, with a man standing on the ladder and opening the hatch.
The Nobel-Standard company's tank wagon used on the Jokioinen railway in Forssa on the track of the new oil storage facility. Photo: Collection Museum Railway Association, circa 1922-1948