December 18th. Now we have reached the Minkiö station in the village of Kiipu and left the Jokioinen behind us. Once again it is a cold winter day and at the Kiipuntie level crossing we look at a freight train pulling a box snow plow and judging from the smoke of the locomotive going from Minkiö in the direction of Jokioinen. Looking at the snow on the blades of the snow plow, one can think it has been plowing the track on its way to Humppila. Now the track looks very clean.

The train would appear to have three box cars before a snow plow and perhaps six open cars before them. Just after the locomotive, there is most likely the JR11 guard's wagon and the train is pulled by the JR4 Tubize steam locomotive.

The picture was taken between 1972-74 and what is special is that one can take a completely same picture today, if only it snows. Soon, however, the landscape changes and the old metal transmission line pole from 1939 in the background goes down in history. That transmission line will be replaced by a new larger line located at a slightly different location to the right of the picture.

A freight train pulled by a steam locomotive runs away from the photographer in an image taken at a level crossing. The last car of the train is a box snow plow and the landscape is snowy winter landscape.
A Jokioinen railway freight train steaming from Minkiö towards Jokioinen. The train is towing a box snow plow that did plowing work on the way to Humppila. Photo: Börje Sällström, circa 1972-74.