Christmas Eve and the time of the traditional Museum Railway Association's Christmas card. The Christmas card has been made like before by PTJ Koskinen, a steam locomotive driver on the museum railway.

Santa has decided to make his journey with a genuine Jokioinen railway box snow plow, which has been renovated at Jokioinen Museum Railway in early 2020. The snow plow is pushed by the ex Hyvinkää-Karkkila railway steam locomotive number 5, Sohvi.

In addition to presents, Santa has his loyal elves controlling the blades of the snow plow and, of course, Peter who greets his friend sitting on a tree branch.

Instead of plowing snow, Santa has harnessed his train to plow Corona Viruses out of the way. The steam coming out of the injectors of Sohvi takes care of disinfecting the plowed viruses. So there is no infection risk and all children and everyone else can safely let Santa to come in and to bring Christmas presents!

A steam locomotive pushes a box snow plow, where Santa Claus, two elves and a Peter the reindeer travel. The snow plow is not plowing snow, but Corona Viruses off the tracks.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021 are wished by the Museum Railway Association and Jokioinen Museum Railway. Drawing: PTJ Koskinen 2020.