The handcar trips at Jokioinen Museum Railway offer a fun and sportive way for all kind of groups to travel through beautiful Finnish countryside.

With a handcar you can get to know the Jokioinen Museum Railway Photo: Teemu Viratnen.

To help your group we at the Jokioinen Museum Railway have built up a couple of ready made handcar trip packages. The handcar trips are for groups of no more than 15 participants. Making a a handcar trip is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the views of surrounding countryside.

Renting handcars while the narrow gauge museum is open

You can rent the new light weight handcars directly at Minkiö station while there is no train traffic and the narrow gauge museum is open from the beginning of June until mid August on Monday to Friday (In July Tuesday to Saturday) at 11 - 18! There are 4 handcars and 2-4 people can ride on each. The rent is 15€ / person for maximum of three hours and 25€ / person for a whole day.

You can reserve a handcar in advance by contacting the chief of operations Mr Jussi Tepponen. Reservations have to be made at least one week (7 days) before your trip.

Guided handcar trip

A guided handcar trip includes transportation of handcars to the starting point of your trip, a tour guide provided by Jokioinen Museum Railway, and visit to Minkiö narrow gauge museum. Also the return transportation back to the starting point is included. Price of the trip is € 350.

Jokioinen estates and the railway

In the morning we are gathering at the Jokioinen estates and make a guided visit to a nail museum and the park of the Jokioinen states. After this we will walk to our handcars and after a short practice we will start pumping our handcars towards Minkiö station.

At Minkiö we will have a picnic lunch and a guided tour of the Minkiö depot. After that we will start a handcar trip towards Humppila. At Humppila station we will have a short break with soft drinks and snacks. The return trip to Minkiö is all downhill and goes pretty fast. From Minkiö station there is a return transportation by a railcar or equivalent back to Jokioinen.

The trip will last about six hours and the price of the trip is about 600-950 euros for a group. You can also make the trip in reverse direction. It is also possible to make the trip with a group larger than 15 people with a service train that will run ahead hand cars. The train can stop and the riders of hand trolleys can change places with the people on board the train.

Small handcar trip with a sauna at Minkiö station

Gathering is around four o'clock at Humppila station. At first there is a short introduction to handcars and the Humppila station. After this there is a easy handcar ride down hill to Minkiö station.

At Minkiö there is a barbecue and after that a guided tour to the depot. After the guided tour the Sauna is warm. The group can also keep using the grill at sauna and take their time over there. After sauna there is a return transport to Humppila station.

The trip will take about five hours and cost about 600-950 euros for one group. A group larger than 15 persons is also possible with a special service train running ahead of the hand trollies.

Ask for an offer!

For more infformation and offers on trolley trips, please contact the Chief of Operations Mr Jussi Tepponen.