At Jokioinen Museum Railway you can simply hire your own steam train! You can select the best day and time for you and your group. You can also decide where to board the train and where to go. And if you wish you can ask for special carriages to be included with your train! The steam locomotives are operated from May until end of September.


Conference on board the train

For small groups around 10 to 15 people it is also possible to organize a meeting while traveling on board the train. Electricity with 230 V / 50 Hz current can be provided on request for overhead projectors, etc. It is also possible to stop the train at a quiet spot on the main line and hold the meeting there.

Photo and film specials

If you want special passenger or goods trains for your photographs, advertisements, movies, etc. please ask for an quotation for our special charters!


The most recent films at Jokioinen Museum Railway have been the "Yllytyshullut" (the local version of "Fear Factor") by Nordisk Film in the summer of 2004, 2001 and 1999, and the war time mini series of YLE - Finnish Broadcasting Company called "Kirje Isältä" in the summer of 2003.

The starting price for filming and special trains is € 4000 / day. In winter the price depends highly on weather and conditions. For more information please contact Chief of Operations Jussi Tepponen.

Charter train prices

The prices of charter trains are based on the day of the week and the time the trip takes. The less expensive days are Saturday and Sunday because scheduled trains are running on Sundays.

For example a round trip Minkiö - Humppila - Minkiö will take one hour and the price in weekdays will be € 1600 and in the weekend € 1400. A roundtrip Humppila - Jokioinen - Humppila will take two hours and cost € 1900 during week and € 1700 in the weekend.

On special days and in special situations charges may be different. The Railway reserves the right to alter charges without prior notice.

  Monday-Friday Saturday-Sunday
Charter train starting price (including one hour of train usage) € 1600 € 1400
Price per hour when a train is used € 300 / h € 300 / h

Please ask for a quotation!

You can get more information on the charter trains by contacting Chief of Operations Jussi Tepponen.