Drawing of the HKR5 steam locomotive

Museum train traffic was started in 1971 on the track of Jokioinen railway in 1971 by trains hauled by Hyvinkää-Karkkila railway steam locomotive number 5. The locomotive was made at Tampere Linen and Iron Industry, later Tampella, work shops in Tampere, Finland in 1917. Number 5 is the first locomotive being completed after the independence of Finland.

Number 5 served her working life on 45 km Hyvinkää-Karkkila railway in years 1918-1967. After the railway was closed Kymin Oy became her new owner. In 1969 the locomotive was donated to Veturien Ystävät ry (Friends of Locomotives Association). The locomotive which was in relatively bad shape was transported to Forssa, and renovated to working order by a group of railway enthusiasts in 1969-1971. After that the ownership of the locomotive was transferred to Museum railway Forssa-Humppila which was the predecessor of the present day Museum Railway Association.

HKR5 steam locomotive

Number 5 was used in volunteer operated traffic to haul museum trains on Jokioinen railway between Humppila and Forssa in 1971-1973. After Jokioinen railway was closed part of the line was demolished and the museum traffic could continue only in 1978. In 1979 number 5 was transported to VR Hyvinkää locomotive shops where a two year long renovation was made to her. Later on number 5 has gone through several minor repares.

Technical information

about 35 000 kg
birch firewood
Working pressure:
12 kg/cm2
2-8-2T (4 driving wheel sets, 2 traversing wheel sets)
paraffin lamps