The first charter train of this spring was running alreadynin April on Thursday 28.4. between Jokioinen-Minkiö-Humppila-Minkiö. The cloudy but dry weather guaranteed succesful trip and after the steam train trip there was a guided tour to Minkiö locomotive sheds and a hand car competition at Minkiö station, where differrent teams were competing against each other!

Everybody enjoyed the steam train trip through spring landscape. The locomotive of the train was old Hyvinkää-Karkkila Railway steam locomotive number 5 from 1917 and carraiages included the combained II and III class carriage number 2 from the same railway and the combained II and III class carraige from Jokioinen Railway. The program included watching the train arriving at Jokioinen station before taking the trip, watching watering of locomotive, switching at Minkiö and lubricating switches at Humppila station. All this offered totally unique experience for passengers.