The traditional Santa Claus Train will be runing again on the first weekend of December 3/12 - 4/12. This year the Santa Claus Train pulled by a steam locomotive will run on Saturday, December 3 Between Jokioinen and Minkiö and on Sunday, December 4 between Humppila and Minkiö. The round trip takes about an hour and lets you to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

The price of the train journey includes warm mulled juice and Christmas gingerbread. In addition, Santa Claus is present on the trains to hand out sweets to all train passengers. In the train carriages, the fireplaces glow hot and makes you to experience real Christmas feeling.

Minkiö station has Christmas-themed programs and music for children and also thre oler ones.

Come and enjoy a warm Christmas event with us! And don't forget to invite your friends along for the Christmas train ride.