Track work of this autumn started in the weekend 1.-2. September with dismantling some track. The rails and sleepers of the track number 1 at Minkiö station were completely removed. On Sunday 2.9. track on both sides of the Humppila Road level crossing at Jokioinen station was dismantled. This was in preparation of rebuilding the level crossing.

The Star Light Train on 15.9. will be running normally using the tracks 1 and 2 at the Minkiö station. When rebuilding the Humppila Rad level crossing at Jokioinen a detour has to be constructed for the road traffic.

The trackwork of autumn 2007 is funded by the Ministry of Transportation, Jokioinen Museum Railway Ltd an the Museum Railway Association. The work will be done in addition to volunteers of the Museum Railway Association by VR Track and Soraset Yhtiöt Oy.