On this page you can see the map of Jokioinen Museum Railway. By clicking the link on the top of the page you can download a better map. You can use that map to find some sights around Jokioinen Museum railway, for example when hiring a hand car.

Opening hours

Hand car rental opens in May. Scheduled steam trains on Sundays 11.6.-30.7., on Saturdays 5.8.-19.8., 9.9. and on weekend 2.12.-3.12.

Contact info

Email: info [at] jokioistenmuseorautatie.fi
Phone: +358 3 433 3235
Kiipuntie 49
FI-31630 Minkiö

Driving directions

Minkiö station:
Kiipuntie 49

Jokioinen station:
Humppilantie 20

Humppila station:
Asemantie 7

Charter trains and groups
Phone: +358 40 552 5322

Contact list


Adults (over 12 years):
Return 12 - 20 Euros
Children (4-12 years):
Return 6 - 10 Euros

A red rail handcar is running through green fields.
A hand car trip at Jokioinen Museum Railway is an unforgettable experience.

In addition to taking a steam train you can also rent handcars at Jokioinen Museum Railway. With the handcar you can travel at your own speed, enjoy the lovely countryside or even stop at a fire place at an ex gravel pit siding to grill some sausages.

A red hand car is moving fas on a track.
You can really sense the speed when riding a hand car.

The handcars we rent are two person handcars that can carry up to four people. There are total of four handcars for rent so you can even take your trip with friends!

Many hand cars running one after another.
You can also come with a larger group as there are many hand cars for rent.

You can rent the hancars at the Minkiö station while the Minkiö Narrow Gauge Museum is open from 1.6. until 15.9. 2020. You cannot rent hancars when the scheduled trains are running on Sundays in July or on Saturdays in August. If you want to be sure that there is a handcar available for you, You can always reserve it beforehand. Also if you wish rent a handcar after 15.9. you have to book one and agree the tine you will pick it up.

Planning your trip

The handcar trips start always at Minkiö station. The route to Minkiö station is signposted from the Helsinki - Pori highway number 2, and from Turku - Hämenlinna highway number 10. You can also get to Minkiö station crossing from Monday to Friday by bus from Forssa or from Humppila railway station (the bus leaves at the northern end of the station building). The express buses from Helsinki and Pori stop at Latovainio on highway number 2. It is about 3 km (30 minute) walk from Latovainio to Minkiö station.

A red shleter under the evening sun.
The lean-to shelter of the Museum Railway is an excellent place for a break while on a hand car trip.

From Minkiö you can pump your handcar to Jokioinen, which is a little bit shorter and easier trip or to Humppila, which is longer trip with steeper and longer hills. You can stop and have a picnic at any halt of the railway, at the fire place of the gravel pit spur or anywhere along the line as long as you do not stop just next to somebody's garden.

Coffee pot and some sausages on an open fire.
When there is no fores fire warning you can grill sausages and even make your coffee at the open fireplace.

At Jokioinen station there is s dry toilet and in Humppila a shelter where you can have a break in case of a rain. At Humppila end of the line the station is not far from the Humppila beech at Lake Koiviston Lammi. It is only five minute walk from the station (you have to take the underpass to cross the railway line), so you can even take a refreshing swim after heavy hand trolley trip!


The rental prices of handcars are following (price / person):

1st hour handcar rental: 10 euros / person (under 13 years old 5 euros)
next starting hour handcar rental: 5 euros / person (under 13 years old 2.50 euros)
starting from 4 hours to all day handcar rental: 25 euros / person (under 13 years old 12.50 euros)
staying overnight at campfireplace: 25 € / person (under 13 years old 12.50 euros) - starting from Minkiö at 17:30-18:00 hours and returning hand cars next morning by 11:00 hours.

Payment either in cash or by credit card at Minkiö station.


you can contact the Chief of Operations Mr Jussi Tepponen for handcar reservations.

People sitting around fire.
You can have a nice break at the open fire place with a larger group too.